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Daniela Diving Center in Dahab

If you are a diver who is looking for a relaxed and stress free diving vacation in the red Sea, If you are thinking to become a diver or if you would like to follow your diving education and training - then you are at the right place.

Please take your time to travel around our site, and if you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please let us know.

The Daniela Diving Center

The Daniela Diving Center is integrated in the nice and friendly family owned Daniela Village. Directly facing the a breath taking coral reef and surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Sinai.

Away from the crowds and mass tourism, easy accessible by road and only 3 km north of the Bedouin village of Dahab. The Daniela Diving Center is only minutes away from the most famous dive sites of Dahab, such as the Canyon, the Blue hole, the Bells, Abou Helal.

About Daniela Diving Center

The House Reef

The reef in front of the Daniela Diving Center is really amazing due to the huge number of beautiful untouched corals on the plateau as well as the drop off. Best diving conditions to enter and exit will be found on high tide and calm wind. To enter and exit easily we pass one of the three lagoons snorkeling to the edge of the reef table through one of the natural pools. Descending on the edge we discover a maximum depth of 12 meters, following the plateau in a direction of 120 degree, we arrive at the drop off starting in a depth of 25 meters. All along the house reef from north to south there are beautiful huge table corals, which are all nearly untouched. Attractions: Stonefish, Turtle, Crocodile-Fish, Stingray, Barracudas, Surgeonfish, Napoleon fish. Entrance/Exit: Easy on high tide and calm weather conditions.
Daniela Reef Dive Map

Why Diving with Daniela?

Because we are a small diving hotel, everything is organized around our divers. No Mass, no Stress and especially small groups always with a guide that will take you to the different sites. Together with your guide you can plan your vacation and we will schedule our days around you looking at your demands & needs. Non diving members can join us and snorkel around while we dive, but we can also organize non diving activities for them such as camel riding, horse riding, jeep safaris and much more.

The Daniela Diving Center is a recreational diving center with a flexible & professional team that will guide you through the underwater beauties of Dahab. We do not offer technical diving, nor do we offer dives that exceeds any depth limits as a rule. This is for your safety & the safety of our team.

We will be more than happy to help you out with any questions regarding our accommodations & surrounding.
We hope to welcome you soon in our homes in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Daniela Family & Team  

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